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Solve Staffing Shortages


Navigating the complexities of staff shortages in the care industry can be daunting. At Meliora Legal, we recognise that having a dependable, qualified team is paramount to both the smooth running of your care facility and the well-being of your service users.

Our experienced legal experts can guide you towards an effective and efficient solution: overseas Skilled Workers. Through our tailored services, we help you unlock access to international and local staff, ensuring your business is staffed by those most capable and committed to providing exceptional care. Join us on this journey towards stability, excellence, and enhanced care delivery.Feel free to reach via contact form.

Understanding Skilled Worker Visas

Skilled Worker Visas serve as a gateway for experienced and committed care staff from outside the UK who have secured job offers. These visas enable them to come to or remain in, the UK to fulfil roles with approved employers. In the context of the care industry, Skilled Worker Visas encompass a wide range of positions, ranging from care workers to registered nurses.

To employ a migrant Skilled Worker, you must first obtain a Sponsor Licence from the Home Office. The licence grants permission to an organisation to sponsor migrant workers to work in the UK.

With Meliora Legal, our expert solicitors will take the burden and navigate the complexities of obtaining a Sponsor Licence for you. We will ensure that your application is compliant through each stage of the process so you can focus on what truly matters: delivering outstanding care.

How Meliora Legal Can Help

Navigating the Skilled Worker Visa process with Meliora Legal is a seamless journey. As immigration law specialists, we focus on the care industry, ensuring that every step is efficiently executed to meet your needs. Our dedicated team assists you in obtaining sponsorship licenses from the Home Office, assigning certificates of sponsorship, and connecting you with overseas migrant staff through our international recruitment partners.

Our comprehensive approach streamlines the intricate process, reducing stress and allowing you to concentrate on your core business: providing excellent service to your users. With Meliora Legal's expertise, solving staffing shortages becomes a coordinated, stress-free experience.

Benefits of Skilled Workers

Up to 5 years of commitment of employment with you

Fulfil skill gaps

Committment to full time employment

Access to a wider talent pool

Cost effective talent

Mitigate workforce shortages

The Application Process

Staying true to our hassle-free approach, we’ve made the application process simple so that you can focus on running your business

Initial Consultation

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We’ll Come to Meet You

Schedule a site visit to explore tailored Skilled Worker Visa options for your staffing needs.

Custom Sponsor License Application

Our experienced staff will work with you towards submitting a successful application.

Hire Migrant Staff

We go beyond the licence and can connect you to international recruiters if you require it.

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