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Niharikaa Awasthy


Niharikaa Awasthy

Meet Niharikaa Awasthy, a committed Solicitor of Meliora Legal with a rich background in criminal law from India. Now, she brings her extensive expertise to the fields of immigration, asylum, and human rights to Scotland. Driven by a deep commitment to justice and advocacy, Niharikaa is dedicated to making a significant impact in the lives of the underrepresented and vulnerable through her legal work.

My pursuit is not just professional; it's deeply personal. I am driven by the belief that everyone deserves a chance at justice and a better future, and this belief is what propels me forward in my career.

  • LL.M Criminal Justice and Penal Change, University of Strathclyde
  • LL.M Criminal Law, Maharishi University of Information and Technology, India
  • LL.B Bachelor of Laws, Maharishi University of Information and Technology, India
  • B.D.S. Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Rajasthan University of Health and Sciences
Certifications in Law:
  • Children’s Human Rights - An Interdisciplinary Introduction
  • Genomics for Law
  • Introduction to Forensic Science
  • International Women’s Health and Human Rights
  • Introduction to English Common Law
  • Mental Health Law
  • Space Law
  • Robotic Law

Niharikaa has carved out a unique niche in the legal profession, transitioning from a focus on criminal justice in India to advocating for human rights and navigating the complexities of immigration law in Scotland. She is a recipient of various accolades for her legal work and has been involved in significant cases that highlight her commitment to justice and legal excellence.

At the heart of Niharikaa's professional journey is her enduring passion for justice and advocacy. Witnessing the challenges faced by those entangled in legal struggles, especially in criminal law and human rights, has fueled her dedication. It's this unyielding commitment to fairness and her desire to be a voice for the voiceless that define her approach to law and life.

  • Criminal Law
  • Human Rights
  • Medical Negligence
  • Cyber Law

Niharikaa finds balance and joy outside her demanding legal career in a variety of hobbies. A keen table tennis and pool player, she also cherishes the calm and focus brought by meditation. Her creative outlets include writing and cycling, while dance remains a cherished expression of joy and freedom. These activities reflect the multifaceted nature of her personality, blending strategic thinking with creativity and mindfulness.

"Niharikaa Awasthy was a beacon of hope when I faced a challenging and complex legal situation. Her in-depth knowledge of criminal law, coupled with her tenacity and compassion, truly made a difference. She navigated through the intricacies of my case with a strategic finesse that only a seasoned solicitor could provide. Her dedication was evident in every interaction, and I am deeply grateful for her exemplary service."
- Aarav Kapoor

"As someone who needed urgent help with a sensitive human rights issue, I found an advocate in Niharikaa. Her profound understanding of human rights law and her genuine empathy transformed my legal journey. She didn't just represent me; she stood by me, ensuring that I was heard and my rights were protected. Her dedication to justice and equity is truly inspiring, and I can't thank her enough for her support and dedication."
- Maria Gonzales

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