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Fraz Ahmed

Principal Solicitor

Fraz Ahmed

Fraz Ahmed, the Principal Solicitor and Director at our firm, has been dedicated to immigration and human rights law since 2012. With a track record of notable successes, he specialises exclusively in this field, bringing expertise and passion to every case.

BSc in Computer Sciences


Diploma in Professional Legal Practice (DPL)

Notary Public (NP)

Fraz’s career in law is distinguished by several notable milestones and recognitions, reflecting his commitment and expertise:

  • 2015 Law Awards of Scotland Winner: A significant early career achievement, marking his excellence in the legal field.
  • 2019 Law Awards of Scotland Commendation: Further acknowledgment from the legal community, recognizing his continued contributions to the field.
  • Senate of Pakistan Silver Bowl Recipient (2020): An international accolade, honouring his exceptional legal work and contributions.
  • Supreme Court Bar Council Appreciation Plaque (2020): A prestigious recognition, highlighting his significant impact and influence in law.
  • Head of Department (2018-2020): Leading a department in a large multidisciplinary firm, where he demonstrated leadership and legal acumen.
  • Founder of His Own Firm (April 2020): Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, he established his own firm, which has grown to include multiple offices across the country. This step represents a pinnacle in his career, showcasing his expertise and ability to lead and innovate in the legal sector.

Fraz is driven by an unwavering determination to succeed and a desire to challenge and surpass expectations placed upon him. His journey is one of resilience and perseverance.

  • Immigration Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • Asylum Law

Away from legal matters, Fraz is passionate about polo, demonstrating his sporting prowess as an avid player.

"As an Iranian seeking asylum, I faced overwhelming complexities. Fraz Ahmed handled my situation with exceptional expertise and sensitivity. His understanding of my cultural background and legal challenges made all the difference. I am immensely grateful to Fraz for his support and dedication."
- Reza Mousavi

"Coming from a Kurdish background, I encountered unique challenges in my asylum case. Fraz Ahmed was not only knowledgeable but incredibly empathetic. He navigated my case with great care and professionalism, ensuring my voice was heard. His assistance has been invaluable in my journey."
- Layla Hassan

"As a European navigating the post-Brexit landscape, I found myself in a tangle of legal confusion. Fraz's expertise in immigration law clarified my situation and provided a clear path forward. His guidance was crucial in securing my stay in the UK."
- Marta Kowalska

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